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  • Björkman, Markus (2019)
    The purpose of this thesis is to study the educational world view and the educational philoso-phy of the Moomins. The study discusses the manifestation of the world view of the Moomins and characterizes the philosophy of education of the Moomins. In this study the educational world view of the Moomins is defined by the definition of Manninen (1977). The Moomin philosophy of education will be based and accomplished by the ideas and philosophy of Hirsjärvi (1985). There is no earlier study of the Moomin philosophy of education. This is a qualitative study that is implemented as a close reading and the interpretation of the material is subject to phenomenological and hermeneutical analysis. The Moomins worldview largely corresponds to ours, both temporally and planetary. Moomins are in their own world and their natural relationship is strong and naturalistic. Moomins are positive towards themselves and others. The nature of the philosophy of education of the Moomins is revealed in action and in interaction with others. The Moomins respect others and are helpfull. The world of Moomin education can be regarded as true in the Moomin world and the philosophy of education can be described as actual. Existentialistic and deterministic traits can be seen in the philosophy of education of the Moomins. The ethical core of the Moomin education philosophy seems to be to educate well with goodness and to respect others.