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  • Boström, Linda (2019)
    How do we see the quiet students? Earlier studies show that these students are often relatively invisible in schools and their needs are omitted to the benefit of more active students. The aim of this study was to understand how teachers apprehend their quiet students and how they evaluate the need of scaffolding for these students. I was also interested in how these students were assessed, on whether or not their quietness affects their credentials? The quiet students can be more reserved by nature, be fearful or shy. The underlying causes for the quietness are important to understand for the best result when interventions are planned. Also, the lack of national assessment criteria puts the teachers in a quandary, the curriculum sets guidelines, but the final credential will be subjective. The study was executed by semi structured interviews with three primary school teachers. The transcribed interviews where then analyzed with a hermeneutic approach to understand and mediate the voices of the teachers how they experience their quiet students and their need for support but also the difficulties they encounter when assessing these students. The result show that there are no explicit types of scaffolding that will benefit all students. Every student is unique with their own reason for quietness. As a teacher you must be aware of the underlying reasons for the best outcome. While the study shows that some progress can be made by creating an understanding and safe environment both in the classroom and outside. On the question about assessment the study shows that the quietness effects the student’s credentials negatively.