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  • Broms, Mandi (2017)
    The world of social media is changing rapidly and there are many different social media ap-plications for us to use. A blog is a social media platform that bloggers use for (many) differ-ent aims. According to the Finnish national core curriculum (2014), teaching should among other things be based on the child's own interests. That is why blogs should be considered to be used in classrooms. As a researcher I am particularly interested in the positive outcome of blogging, what motivates us to write a blog and how blogging can be used to develop self-esteem. The research is a literature review and the data is collected from Finnish, Swedish and Eng-lish researches. The aim of the study is to gain more understanding about what motivates people to blog and if the motives are connected to self-esteem. According to the results of the research the motives of blogging can be divided into six cate-gories. Fullwoods, Nicholls and Makichis (2015) model divides the motives in emotional out-let, social networking, advertising, personal revelation, creative outlet and selective disclo-sure. A person's motive for blogging can be one or several of above. There was no research done of the correlation between blogging and self-esteem. Although developing self-esteem through blogging can be found as a subconscious motive when comparing motivation theo-ries with the model of Fullwood et al (2015), for example in the categories of social network-ing, creative outlet, emotional outlet and selective disclosure.