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  • Candolin, Erika (2016)
    Aim The aim of this study is to examine how preschool teachers work towards supporting children’s development of digital competence and to obtain how children can develop their information and communications technology skills in preschool. The study strives to find out how children use digital teaching aid in preschool, what goals the educator has regarding activities where digital equipment is used and how the educator believes that children’s information and communications technology skills can be developed in preschools. Method The research methodology for this study is hermeneutic and consists of qualitative interviews with three preschool teachers from three different kindergartens in Espoo. Results and Conclusion The results show that a versatile and varied combination of both the usage of digital teaching aids and learning in the real immediate environment is the best possible method, that supports not only children’s overall learning within different educational fields, but also supports them to develop their digital literacy and information and communications technology skills.