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  • Chau, Vy (2017)
    The aim of this study is to clarify parents opinion about involvement and their own role of participation in their children’s music hobby. The research problems are how parents feel they are involved in their children’s music hobby and how they describe their own role in it. Participation as a subject is current and highly discussed topic in our modern society. Participation of children and parents have also been taking attention in education. Studies have shown that parents participation and involvement has a big impact on children’s development and learning. There are many researches about children's participation but not much about parents involvement. Hobbies have also taken bigger roles in children's education in our modern society and children are put more into different hobbies. In this study, the hobby is limited to music only because many researchers have stated that music hobby can have a significant impact on children's cognitive development. The study material was collected by interviewing parents with children who play music. There were five interviewees and they were selected by chance. The children of the interviewees were elementary school age and they all played at least one instrument. The interviews were conducted as a theme interview. All the interviews were recorded and transcripted. The material has been analyzed by theory-driven content analysis. The material has been themed, typified, grouped and reduced. The study results show differences but also similarities in parents view of their own participation and involvement in general. Music as a hobby is seen as good and parents try to encourage their children in their hobby. However the amount of parents participation varies. Many feel that they can have an impact on their children's hobby, but some also feel that their participation has no effect on their children. It can also be assumed that parents own musical background has an influence on their opinions about the subject. This study raises parents' views and opinions and these study results can help promote the cooperation between children, parents and teachers.