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  • Cimili, Dorentina (2019)
    This study examines what reaserches have found about translanguaging in primary schools and how it has been used in teaching. The purpose of my reasearch assignment is to clarify how teachers and students have used translanguaging in their lessons and what kind of outcomes translanguaging has in teaching. The study is based on the English term translanguaging of which I will use a finnish translation kielten limittäinen käyttäminen or limittäiskieleily (Lilja, Luukka & Latomaa, 2017 viitattu lähteestä Tarnanen, Kauppinen & Ylämäki, tämä teos; myös Mård-Miettinen, Palojärvi & Palviainen 2015; Martin, 2016). This study is a descriptive literature review. Material of this study consist of twelve reasearches most of which are in English and have been conducted abroad, excluding one which is conducted in Finland. I have collected the material of this study by narrowing down the subject to primary school, school context and translanguaging. The source material I have used in this study is written by reaserchers who are experts in the subject. The main results of this study are that using translanguaging added students´ interaction, participation in discussions and their voice in the classroom. Moreover, the study discovered that using translanguaging supports students´understanding and brings an opportunity to broaden real expressions. Also, translanguaging added students´ linguistic awareness, language positivity and brought a new perspective in which the students are language experts.