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  • Cockerell, Emelie (2016)
    The purpose of this thesis was to find out if there are clear gender roles in the Disney film Frozen and what kind of gender ideals the film portrays. A qualitative study of the film was conducted with two research questions: “Do the film characters portray gender stereotypes (the image of an ideal man or woman)?” and “Which stereotypes do the characters display?” The film analysis was conducted with the help of a checklist containing common stereotypes in children’s programs and the media, found in earlier studies. The traits of the film characters were presented in the analysis, both in appearances and behavioural. These traits were then compared with the stereotypes found in earlier studies. The results indicated that the characters had clear gender roles and portrayed stereotypes but also included some behaviour that was not stereotypical. The film characters mostly had stereotypical appearances portraying slim women with enormous eyes and big, strong men.