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  • Cornér, Tuija (2017)
    Objectives. The objective of this research was to form an overall picture of maker-culture and particularly from it’s expressions in the field of education. The research tries to clarify, how parts of maker-culture (community and learning together, digital tools, maker-spaces, sharing of expertise and products and maker mindset) comes together in schools or fits in the hands of experts in the field of education. Earlier studies have shown that especially in education, maker-culture links with constructivism, problem focused learning, discovery learning and phenomenal based learning. Methods. The thesis method was a descriptive literature review and sources consisted of English literature about maker culture. Reseach questions were formed as following: 1. Which are the relevant features in maker culture in educations perspective? 2. How do the features of maker culture present themselves in 21st century school-context? Results and concusions. In this research it was discovered that maker culture is finding it’s way to be a part of the field of education and especially among educational experts. Maker culture’s parts, such as learning together, problem focused learning and usage of digital tools, appeared also in schools as part of phenomenal based learning and entrepreneurship education.