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  • Dahlbacka, Jonas (2023)
    Target. The purpose of this research is to search and find out what differences exist between Swedish-speaking schools' action plans for bullying. My theory about the research is that it there are differences in the action plans for bullying but that they work towards the same goal, that Stop the bullying. Previous research results show that bullying occurs in schools and approximately 50% of school students who are. Methods. This bachelor's thesis is performed as a thematic content analysis with an inductive form of analysis. The samples included in the thesis are four action plans for bullying from the schools, municipalities and cities included in the research. Research have been analysed and interpreted using thematic content analysis. Results and conclusions. A number of themes were discovered in the research results, these were the law, curriculum, Swedish schools in the Helsinki region, similarities and differences. All action plans included in this research differed to some extent, but all action plans had same goal. All action plans are based on the law and curriculum.