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  • Ding, Tapio (2016)
    Objectives: There is vast literature on the association between personality traits and individuals performance. In addition to individual it is important to focus also on groups. By only focusing on individuals the effect of interactive nature of groups is omitted. Overall the factors that might be affected by performance in a way synergistic nature or by tapping into the social dimension of group work are missed when only examining the individuals. The aim of this thesis was to conduct a literature review on the effect of personality traits on group performance. Methods: Based on the literature review the current state of the research was analysed. Based on the articles and perception of the current situation the final conclusions were done. Results and Conclusions: Based on the literature review, conscientiousness was mostly positively related to the performance of groups. The higher the level of conscientiousness of the group, the better they performed. In terms of extraversion the results were not as straight forward as with conscientiousness but indicated a possibility of also having a positive relation to performance. In addition, the literature indicated that the association between extraversion and group performance might be non-linear. For the other three traits, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness to experience, there is no conclusive evidence towards one way or another. To conclude, it is still unclear what the effects of a group’s personality traits are on the overall performance of the group. More research is needed to make more accurate conclusions.