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  • Dorota, Johanna (2017)
    Earlier studies have shown the significance of shared book reading for children’s linguistic development as well as the meaning of parental involvement in the children’s motivation towards reading. The aim of this study is to investigate the different roles of the participants during a shared picture book reading and to examine how the collected data complies with the verbal behaviour categories from a previous study. The research design was qualitative and it involved a family with two children. The research material was collected by recording the family’s shared picture book reading situation. The method used in analysing the recorded data was mainly theory-based content analysis. The data was transcribed and later categorized according to the verbal behaviour used in the situation. It was furthermore examined how the using of various verbal behaviour categories was divided among the participants. The content analytic results of the used verbal behaviour categories bore good resemblance to the defined categories of a previous study. There was also pointed a connection between the age of the participant and the number of the verbal behaviour categories being used. The older the participant, the more versatile was the usage of the verbal behaviour categories. The results can be used for choosing books for children, for directing the adult reader to pay closer attention to the reading situation and to reflect on how to participate and enable a shared book reading situation.