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  • Dyster, Laura (2019)
    Making handicrafts has an effect on one’s psychological wellbeing. The aim of this literature review was to form a general view how participating in making handicrafts in a social sur-rounding effect one’s psychological wellbeing and how it differs from when making handi-crafts alone. The research was carried out as a systematic literature review. The publications found from databases using both Finnish and English keywords were qualitatively analysed in order to describe and understand the phenomenon. Three Master's theses from Finland and four English-language publications were selected from the United States, Australia and United Kingdom to provide an international cross-section. The publications were qualitatively ana-lysed to find the factors that affect the maintenance and enhancement of psychological wellbeing and to find which factors are present in the social surrounding. The difference in the effects on the psychological wellbeing when making crafts alone or in a social setting was also looked into. In four publications, the social group had been formed due to joint interest in the craft itself, in two publications the emphasis of the social group was partly on social activation and partly on the craft, and in one study the emphasis was almost entirely on social activation and im-provement of psychological wellbeing. Making crafts in a social surrounding affects one’s psychological wellbeing through several factors. Social activation, friendships, feeling of be-ing part of the group, learning, sharing knowledge, skills, and materials and generativity af-fected the individual's mental well-being in the publications studied. The impact of making crafts in a social surrounding on the psychological wellbeing of the elderly of was evident in several studies. Making crafts in a social surrounding is associated with good aging.