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  • Edgren, Ronja (2018)
    The purpose of this study is to find out what kind of meaning experts ascribe children’s literature and how children’s literature can be used in a meaningful way. The purpose is to present three different perspectives of children’s literature and the use of it. Earlier studies show that children’s literature is not being used enough in early childhood education and because of that; this study concentrates on enlightening the possibilities of children’s literature. The theoretical part of the study addresses how children’s literature can support children’s development and the results of the study address how the informants think that children’s literature should be used. The study is a qualitative hermeneutic study. The data of the study is being raised by interviewing three different individuals with completely different backgrounds and relations to children’s literature. For the study I will interview a pedagogue, a readingambassador and an author. All the interviews are going to be taped and transcribed. The results of this study show that children’s literature supports children’s development in many different aspects, for example it supports children’s language development and the ability to show and feel empathy. The results of this study also give many examples on how children’s literature can be used in a meaningful way and a big part of that is to revise the story with the children. The results show us that children’s literature is very versatile and multidimensional and the result also gives a glimpse on the informants’ opinions of what good children’s literature looks like.