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  • Elomaa, Nora (2019)
    Objectives. The purpose of the study was to investigate the collaboration between the parents and teachers. One of the goals was also to find out challenges of collaboration. I was interested experiences of special needs teachers. I wanted to understand what kind of problems they have and how special needs teacher can do for successful collaboration. At first my focus was in inappropriate behavior and bullying. Previous studies about inappropriate behavior in collaboration are poorly available. Even it shows that challenges and bullying by parents is exists. Methods. The material were collected by interviewing two special class teachers and one parttime special needs teacher. Another interview was a group interview and the other was done individually. The theme interviews proceeded in semi-structured around the phenomenon and related issues. The interviews were recorded. After that material was properly written clean and then analyzed with the content analysis. Content analysis shared the material under the different themes. In the interviews, I was looking for answers about what kind of inappropriate behavior happens by parents, and what teachers could do for collaboration. Results and conclusions. The results showed that there are challenges of collaboration between parents and teachers. According to interviews, there were no bullying. The challenges of collaboration concentrated to interaction problems. Teachers interaction skills and own role were strongly showed in the results.