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  • Fagerholm, Hanna (2017)
    The target in this thesis was to find research and results of empathy and how it is affected by reading literature. My aim was to find scientific proof for using literary against mobbing in schools. The subject is current and many researches have studied it on recent years. I found different aspects of the effects on empathy, but the contradictory results gave productive views on the subject. I also found results that support each other. To argument the possibility to use literary to prevent mobbing I used Finland’s national curriculum of 2014. This study was made by reviewing existing research. My aim was to find results that give support to each other. There was found contradictory results, and reflecting on them gave productive observations. Most of the studies were made between 2013 and 2016 and they were written in English. The results showed that literary has impact on empathy and attitudes. I found four main features (narrative, transportation, identification, reading habits), which have central effects on literary and empathy. The main perception by these studies was that literary has certain effects on empathy. Still, more research is needed to get trustful results. Based on this thesis it is possible to make a research which could be done for example in master’s thesis.