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  • Finell, Clarice (2017)
    The purpose of this study was to gain a larger insight to how jewelry artists choose the use of textile materials and methods in their artworks. Based on the dissertations on jewelry art by Petteri Ikonen and Päivi Ruutiainen and Dormers theory on craft knowledge, the aim has been to study what has influenced the artists to choose textile materials and methods as a means to produce an artwork and if the choice of material directs the design or if design directs the choice of material. The study has been executed by means of phenomenography. 15 jewelry artist from different countries participated. A survey was sent via e-mail to 147 jewelry artists, three jewelry artist associations and was also put on a jewelry art forum on Facebook. The obtained material was analyzed with phenomenographic methods. The result of the study was the utterances of the jewelry artists could be categorized in three groups which pertain to what is needed to create art, what skills are needed and how these skills are obtained. The result showed the passion is needed to create art, that materials and methods are used because of a thorough knowledge to use them and that thorough knowledge is obtained by extensive experience and practice of said knowledge.