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  • Finne, Aino-Kaisa (2019)
    The purpose of the study is to orientate four education guides from the 2010s which are meant to challenging educational situations with children. I will search what kind of image they will present about children which have challenging behavior. I didn’t find any previous research, but my research is influenced by thesis of Liisa Ahonen. There she examines what defines interactive and pedagogical practice of educators in relation to children with the need of socioemotional support in challenging educational situations. My research was qualitative. The research material consisted of four education guides for challenging educational situations, which I analyzed with material-based content analysis. With content analysis I used thematizing, which helped to structure concepts from material. Research revealed that three of four education guides, which I analyzed, present very nega-tive and stereotypical image of children which have challenging behavior. Others, except the guide from Ahonen (2017) there are concepts for instance “horrible”,” nuisance” and “naugh-ty”. Also, different kind of doing from children which have challenging behavior guides were describing with negative words like “messing around” and “romping”.