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  • Geier, Anna (2016)
    Goals. Pro anorexia websites have raised concerns about their possible negative effects on young people as they might increase eating pathology. However, this subject is relatively new and there are only a few studies that have examined the effects of pro anorexia websites have been examined. In addition, with correlational studies it is difficult to determine whether the websites affect the visitors or whether certain types of visitors visit pro anorexia websites more regularly. The aim of this thesis is to assess the effects of pro anorexia websites and to review how this new area of research has been studied experimentally. Methods. Nine studies were reviewed. In one of the studies the participants had suffered from an eating disorder. In eight of the studies the participants were collected from schools or universities, most of the participants were healthy and didn’t have eating disorder related symptoms. The participants were mostly children or young adults. Results and conclusions. Results showed that pro anorexia websites had significant negative effects on body image dissatisfaction, dieting and negative affect. Information about these websites and their effects should be distributed to professionals who work with eating disorders.