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  • Hägerfelth, Jon (2022)
    Goal. Earlier research shows that technical difficulties are very common when digital tools are used in schools today, but also that there are several methods for handling and preventing these, that teachers could explore. The goal with this literature review is to create an overview on the technical difficulties that elementary school teachers face while working with digital tools. The second purpose of this literature review is to find answers to what teachers may do to facilitate or counteract these difficulties. This research intends to shed a light on the technical difficulties elementary school teachers face as well as point to methods for facilitating and counteracting them. Methods. This research has been performed as a literature review, with temathical analysis as method for analyzing the material. The material used has been compiled from a few different databases, where the focus of the search has been technical difficulties. Results and conclusions. De central results were that technical problems, as in network and software issues are fairly common och regular i elementary school. The research also found that teachers experienced challenges with the planning work and with the administrative tasks. Methods for facilitating and counteracting were still explorable. Technical difficulties are here to stay, they are inevitable when working with digital tools. As with most problems, there are methods to be used for dealing with these technical difficulties with digital tools