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  • Haara, Essi Maria (2017)
    The aim of this study was to investigate the encounters between the children and caregivers in kindergarten’s basic care situations. This study was based on educare-model developed to represent early childhood education as combination of education and nurture (Stakes 2005). The younger the children, the bigger is the role of basic care playing in their days in kindergarten. Therefore, it is essential to discover the pedagogical value of basic care, that is nowadays often forgotten (e.g. Kalliala 2012). Target of the study was to represent the encounters from the view of caregiver's interaction. In addition, the study was to investigate the caregivers' thoughts concerning the significance of basic care routines and interaction with children. The research material was collected from three day care centers in Southern Finland in Spring 2016. The research material includes encounters' observations and questionnaire made for the staff. All the material of the study has been analysed by using qualitative methods. A tripartite model was made to represent the different types of encounters occurred in the observation material. In this study nearly 50 percent of the encounters between the staff and children were firstrate yet the majority of the encounters wasn't as propitious. This study suits well with the recent studies as significant variation in the quality was observed between the caregivers and day care centers. According to questionnaire the staff's approach to basic care and interaction is positive and homogeneous. Regardless the results of the questionnaire, the caregivers often seem to fail in investing in the encounters with the children.