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  • Jamisto, Heini (2016)
    This research is about recycling in Finnish households. Previous studies have shown place of residence and house type do have an impact on recycling. Also researches about time and its use show household activity is dependent on gender. The aim of this research is on families with children living in Helsinki metropolitan area and how the families recycle. Also recycled materials and recyclers who were responsible for recycling were part of this investigation. This research was qualitative and researched data was analyzed by content analysis. Research material was collected using half structured interviews from four couple. The interviewees were living in the metropolitan area and have underage child or children in their family. Number of interviews was eight in total and four of the interviewed people were female and four were male. The results of this research show recycling different materials is part of everyday life in families with children. Type of house effected how and which materials were recycled. Both parents were responsible for recycling but mothers had to answer for it more. Recycling at childhood home had at least some kind of impact on later behaviour. As a coclusion recycling is possible when living in metropolitan area and both parents can participate in it. The habits handed down for the next generation are not automatical but however childhood home and its habits do have an impact on later life style.