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  • Laaksonen, Mikko (2019)
    Goals. This study is based on already published studies and the results are also given based to them. Enhancing a child’s self-esteem is part of education and parenting. This study searches answers how to enhance child’s self-esteem and what kind of meanings it gets. Phenomenon is approached from educators or parents point of view. The aim of this study is to give as many-sided picture of the phenomenon as possible and also bring the knowledge from the recent studies. The study also tries to bring the theory and research material together. Methods. This study is a descriptive literature review. The research material is based on 15 academic articles. All of the articles addressed enhancing child’s self-esteem. The data was analysed by thematising text fragments that addressed the topic of enhancing child’s self-esteem. It was also brought to knowledge that what kind of meanings does enhancing child’s self-esteem get when it comes to his or her future. Results and conclusions. The most important result of this study is the unanimous findings concerning about the importance of enhancing child’s self-esteem. Ways to enhance child’s self-esteem are found widely from all of the dimensions that Michele Borba presents. The research material tells that it is important to enhance child’s self-esteem already in childhood. The results tell that a good self-esteem predicts success in social relationships and worklife. It also prevents children from depression.