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  • Laaksonen, Mira (2016)
    Tiedekunta - Fakultet - Faculty Behavioural Sciences Laitos - Institution - Department Teacher Education Tekijä - Författare – Author Mira Laaksonen Työn nimi - Arbetets titel Marttaliiton kotitalousviestintä sosiaalisessa mediassa Title Communication of the home economics of the Martha Organization in social media Oppiaine - Läroämne – Subject Home Economics Työn laji/ Ohjaaja - Arbetets art/Handledare - Level/Instructor Master’s Thesis / Supervisor’s Name Hille Janhonen-Abruquah Aika - Datum - Month and year December 2016 Sivumäärä - Sidoantal - Number of pages 27pp. + 9 appendices Tiivistelmä - Referat – Abstract Abstract: In today´s world the communication has moved more and more to networks and social media. As the society has turned into medial world there is a need for companies and associations to communicate multichannel to reach their focus groups. Succeeded creation of the brand and its execution can have an influence to imagines and reputation of the organization. The goal in this research was to find out what type of image there is of the communication of the home economics of the Martha Organization in the social media. In addition the goal was to investigate how the brand of Martha Organization appears in the communication of the social media and what type of publications interest the most of the followers of the Facebook-pages of the Martha Organization. In the behavioural science the quantitative and qualitative research methods cannot be excluded in analytical models but they can be used as continuum in the research. That is how it was performed in this study, where the publications of the Martha Organization in the Face-book were first categorized and then investigated the reactions of these publications and the visibility of the Martha brand. The material consisted of 537 publications in the Martha Organization Facebook-pages during the October 2015 and September 2016. The food related publications were the most and the garden-theme publications were the least common publications. The food-related publications received the most reactions as well. The money and consumption themes got the least reactions. Those publications related to food or domestic care that included a good receipt or a handy tip, draw attention the best in the Facebook. In those publications the Martha brand were the most visible as well. Avainsanat – Nyckelord kotitalousneuvonta, viestintä, sosiaalinen media, brändi, Marttaliitto Keywords Home economics counselling, communication, social media, brand, The Martha Organization Säilytyspaikka - Förvaringsställe - Where deposited Library of Helsinki University, Kaisa-house, Behavioural Sciences Muita tietoja - Övriga uppgifter - Additional information