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  • Luukka, Maiju (2016)
    The purpose of this study is to find out the context of craft articles in Helsingin Sanomat and construct the cultural significances of crafts. The starting point of research is Kärnä-Behms (2005) hegemonic discourses. These are: the discourse of expertise, the discourse of anti-intellectuality, the ecological discourse, the discourse of life management, the discourse of anti-modernism and the gender discourse. The research questions try to find an answer to accuracy of the hegemonic discourses. The data consisted of craft articles published in Helsingin Sanomat during January and May 2015. The data were collected from the microfilm about Helsingin Sanomat at the National Library. There were almost 30 articles (N=28). For the first research question the data was analysed by a theory based content analysis and exploited the method based on discourse analysis. For the second research question the data was analysed by theory of guiding analysis. The hegemonic discourses directed typology of data for the types that represented the cultural significances of crafts. The hegemonic discourses without the gender discourse appeared at the data. There was speech about innovation and design with craft outside the hegemonic discourses. The missing about the gender discourse is showing changes of craft culture gendering. The speech about design and innovation with craft assume the craft manifestation in the future. The cultural significances of crafts constructed by professionalism, craft and industrial confrontation and innovation of craft.