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  • Lyytikäinen, Ainomaria (2016)
    Tiedekunta - Fakultet – Faculty Behavioural Sciences Laitos - Institution - Department Teacher Education Tekijä - Författare – Author Ainomaria Lyytikäinen Työn nimi - Arbetets titel Preschoolers`s leisure time and sport activity Title Oppiaine - Läroämne - Subject Education: early childhood education Työn laji/ Ohjaaja - Arbetets art/Handledare - Level/Instructor Master’s Thesis / Supervisor’s Name Aika - Datum - Month and year 7.12.2016 Sivumäärä - Sidoantal - Number of pages 35 pp. + 2 appendices Tiivistelmä - Referat - Abstract There were and there still are several organisations and experts who express their concern about how children don´t spend enough time exercising. That´s how I became interested in this subject and I wanted to examine whether this was true or not when it comes to pre-schoolers. As a kindergarten teacher it was also important for me for that I could be able to offer them enough possibilities to exercise during school day or a day in the kindergarten. The purpose of my survey was to examine if preschoolers exercise on their free time and if they do so, what kind of exercising they do. I presumed that preschoolers exercise on their free time but I was suspicious if it´s enough based on the daily recommendations of exercis-ing. There were 26 children in total who participated in this survey even though I had reached for 30 participants. The preschoolers were born in 2009 and the group included 14 girls and 12 boys. 17 children lived in Vantaa and nine lived in Espoo. I did my survey using a question-naire. There were both closed and open questions in the questionnaire. I analyzed all an-swers by using a quantitative method. I sent questionnaires to preschool classes and went to collect them on the due date. I ana-lyzed the data using the SPSS Statistics- program. As a conclusion of the results it can be said that children exercise every day but it´s clear that the time spent doing physical activities is far less than recommended. The gap between kids who exercise a lot and those who rarely exercise was quite large. 19,2% of children (n=26) exercise over 8 hours a week and 15,4% exercised 7-8 hours a week. When these results are divided for every day of the week, only 34,6% of children exercise as much as recommended, if there is an hour of exercising included in the day at preschool. Based on this survey, it is very important to make children exercise at preschools and in kindergartens to be sure that the recommendations are fulfilled. Avainsanat - Nyckelord Preschooler, leisure time, sport, childrens Keywords Säilytyspaikka - Förvaringsställe - Where deposited City Centre Campus Library/Behavioural Sciences/Ethesis Muita tietoja - Övriga uppgifter - Additional information