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  • Määttänen, Elina (2020)
    The starting point of the research was to find out the elements of aesthetic experience through one's own experience. The purpose of the study was to find out the meanings of Tanja Boukal's textile art works on display at Kiasma in 2016. In addition, purpose is to find out what meanings the way the works are processed and the materials have. The study is hermeneutic-phenomenological, examining the formation of meanings in aesthetic experience. The method used was a process of meaning making, in which the network of meaning of the work of art, i.e. the experience formed, was made visible by writing in written form. The study examined the researcher's own experiences. In the material analysis, themes were found in the material that described the similarities and differences in the meanings of the works. The results of the research were that the meanings of the works emphasize emotions and experiences related to one's own personal history, as well as one's own identity. The handcrafted way of working with the works and the materials used found references to personal memories and feelings associated with them. Other meanings were related to politics and history. In conclusion, the results obtained cannot be generalized because the experiences are personal, and time and place bound. However, weak conclusions can be drawn about how people potentially living in the same circle of life could experience the works.