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  • Mäenpää, Linda (2018)
    Objectives. The aim of this study was to examine the literature and previous research with what motivation, goal orientation, motivation climate and physical education are. In addition, was wanted to find out how the intrinsic motivation is connected to the goal orientation and how the goal orientation is linked to motivational climate in physical education classes. The aim of this study was to generate information about the different motivation theories and fac-tors that affect to the motivational climate. Literature review was meant to find information about what kind of action in physical education classes increase students' intrinsic motivation and what kind of motivational climate supports the students' a positive motivation and at the same time, to promote a positive and active way of life. Methods. The study was a literature review. The purpose of the literature review is to provide new information on the already existing information. In the literature review the choice of the information likely to be of use are not guided by strict rules, so the study used data is select-ed, depending on how it is responsible for the specific research questions. This research ma-terial consisted of the literature and previous studies. Results and conclusions. Based on previous studies and the literature, could conclude that the intrinsic motivation as well as feelings of competence has a positive connection to the students' goal orientation. In the study was found that the students’ experience of the goal orientation was related to motivational climate in physical education classes. In addition, the teacher has an impact on the students' experience and motivational climate. Based on the results of research can be thought of that the teacher's action is of great importance to moti-vational climate in the physical education classes. The results of the study should be taken into consideration when new teachers are trained.