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  • Maalo, Iiris (2016)
    The Bachelor’s thesis’ the aim was to know what kind of experiences kindergarten teacher had about a forest preschool. The second aim was to know how director of day care center thought about forest preschool and what that required from her. Material of this thesis got with half-structured theme-interview. There were interviewed forest preschool kindergarten teacher and director of day care center from southern Finland. There were taken a part to forest preschool during the morning before interviewing the kindergarten teacher. After the interview there were made more specific questions for director. Director was interviewed two days after kindergarten teacher. Both of materials were analysed with content analysis. The results prove that kindergarten teacher thought that good team spirit of children and interaction are the most important things in forest preschool. For kindergarten teacher are openness and creativity essentials during planning and acting, because forest requires alternative ways to learn. Director of day care center thought forest preschool is good way to learn. Director felt that forest preschool requires understanding of results and also motivating other educator to get excited about forest preschool. Area of this day care was decided that learning in forest will be their theme in future. Conclusion is that forest preschool requires from kindergarten teacher openness to new and diverse learning methods. Teacher has to be aware of curriculum of preschool while she is planning education because forest allows variety ways to learn. Learning in forest supports children’s skills of interaction and feeling of “this is our group”. Forest preschool requires from director of day care center understanding results and motivating other educator get to know forest preschool and learning in forest.