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  • Maaninka-Ek, Jessica (2018)
    The purpose of this research is to get more information about children who have learned to read at an early age and about the linguistic environment they live in. Teaching how to read is usually an assignment for the school, but the base of how to read is developed much earlier. Some children learn to read before they go to school or preschool. My own history with learning how to read in my early childhood was one of the reasons why I wanted to do a research about children with early reading skills. The investigation was conducted through qualitative methods. Four parents were interviewed about their children. One of the parents also worked as a kindergarten teacher, and that has been taken into account with the interview. The interviews were halfstructured, theme interviews and the material was analysed according to the themes that came up. The results show both similarity and differences with the characteristics of the children. Within the linguistic environment, bedtime reading and possibility for shared reading moments showed up as some of the most important things that have an impact on reading abilities. Reading-positive environment interrelates with the positive attitude towards reading held by the parents.