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  • Maanonen, Heidi (2017)
    The aim of the current study was to examine whether the subject interest and utility value of Finnish language among high school students predicts the experiences of the first Finnish language course in high school. The second aim was to explore whether these experiences predict further course grades. Course experiences consisted feelings about interest, strain, effort and expectancies of success. All research questions included the effect of earlier school success. The second question included also the effect of the course experiences. The whole study was designed by means of Interest and Expectancy-Value Theories. The respondents of present study (n = 172) participated in first Finnish language course in High School between 2012 and 2013. The factor analysis was used to test the questionnaire of course experiences and the predictions of research questions was analyzed by means of hierarchical linear regression analysis. As expected results indicated that interest toward Finnish language predicted experiences of interest, effort and strain of the first course. Despite expectations interest in Finnish did not predict the course grades or expectancies of success. Despite expectations the utility value of Finnish did not have any significant effect towards course experiences or grades. Course experiences did not predict the course grades. At the first step earlier success predicted experiences of interest and success expectations, but the effect predicting interest was not significant after second step. Earlier success predicted course grades after every step of hierarchical model. The interest and utility value toward subject was examined relative concisely. It would be interesting to replicate the research setting by studying the phenomena more comprehensive and test the design between genders and age groups.