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  • Ovaska, Outi (2019)
    The aim of this study is to look how Mary Olki's 80-year-old handicraft is suitable for today. The study also examines what kind of thoughts and emotions emerge when preparing a handmade product according to the old craft instruction. Mary Olki's craft instructions have not been studied before. For the research material, the annuals of the Kotiliesi -magazine were reviewed from 1923 to 1942 and Mary Olki's handicraft instructions were listed. One handicraft instruction Sievä virkattu kesähattu 5-vuotiaalle tytölle (“Pretty crocheted summer hat for 5-year-old girl”) was implemented by a protocol analysis. Instruction was published in June 1934. The material of the study was produced by a protocol analysis. Three main themes could be interpreted from the material through qualitative content analysis: 1) Instruction - text and image, 2) Girl's summer hat - materials and crochet, and 3) Emotions during the work. The importance of handicraft has changed in Finland over the decades. Despite the change, handicrafts are still important for people and crocheting has maintained its position. The results of the study found that handicraft instructions for magazines have also changed. In the past, handicraft instructions contained only a few images, and the verbal instructions were more ambiguous. The readers were supposed to know and understand the handicraft techniques. During the study, the work of Mary Olki's 80-year-old craft was successful, even though the instruction had to be interpreted in some places. Variety of emotions like success and uncertainly were emerged during the crocheting. When the old handicraft was implemented, the differences and the similarities between the past and the present had to be considered. Today's response to Olki's summer hat is crocheting child hat with antenna.