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  • Paajanen, Emilia (2017)
    The purpose of this study was to gather information on how fysical ecercise affects to children under school age and their learning development. The objectice was to review already existing researches about how exersise affects to children under school age. The research problem was to find out answer on how ecercise developes children growth and learning and also how kindergarten teacher can promote chlidrens ecercise. Previous studies have shown that exersise is linked to childrens comprehensive development and that motoric skills are premises to self-contained everdyday life. In this study have been conducted by using systematic literature review methods. Final studies were selected by using acceptance and exclusion criteria. Two doctoral studies and one licentiate study formed the literature review material. The original studies examines exercise and the link of motoric skills combined to childrens learning and development. Research was formed by using qualitative research methods and the results were compiled together. Studies showed that exercise had a positive effect on childs development. Ecercise and motoric skills were essential in comprehensive development. Motorically less talented children benefited from learning these mentioned skills. Social skills are typically included in exercising sessions, so ecercise was seen promoting childrens interaction skills. Kindergarten teacher knowledge and skills were recognized as a significant tool in planning and excecuting innovative and challenging physical activity. Versatile and enough challenging physical activity were seen developing childrens motoric skills. According to this literature review exercise and motoric skills are key players in childrens copmrehensive development and learning.