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  • Paavola, Tiina (2017)
    The purpose of the study was to compare two different price groups of jeans and find out how they differ in their durability. The theoretical background of the study presented the concept of quality, the consumer's role in evaluating the price-quality ratio of products and the denim fabric as a material from a durability point of view. Previously, the durability of three different price group jeans was studied after one and five wash cycles and the effect of elastic fiber on the durability of denim. This study also looked at the impact of consumer expectations on quality assessment. The research was mainly quantitative, but the analysis was diversified with qualitative approaches. The research material was collected by experimental methods in laboratory conditions using textile standards based tests. The experiment examined three expensive and three cheap jeans (98% CO, 2% EL) in three different tests by measuring their performance specifications in tearing strength, abrasion resistance and colorfastness of the dye. The results of the study were presented in figures. In the conclusions, the results were analyzed and compared with each other on the basis of price. Expensive denim jeans proved to be a little more durable than the cheap denim jeans, but the result is not unambiguous. According to the study, the durability of jeans is not primarily affected by their price, because cheap jeans also received some good results in the tests. When evaluating the quality, some other factors have to be taken into account in addition to the price, texture, fiber content, dyeing and finishing of the fabric. Conclusions were made from three tests, so more experimental research is needed.