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  • Pakarinen, Jarkko (2017)
    Abstract Aims: The aim of this study is to research, analyse and interpret how Finnish men experience the daily life and its meaning after retirement. In this context, it is also interesting to investigate how they see the transition from the working life to retirement. In the theory part, the topic is approached through the following themes: retirement, old age, the third age and the different perspectives of daily life. Methods: The study was implemented as a qualitative research interview in autumn 2016. The target group of the study was four retired Finnish men between the ages of 64 and 73. The research questions aimed to find answers on how the daily life of Finnish men changes after they retire and what the daily life holds. A theme questionnaire was used as a help in the interview. All the interviews were recorded. The interview material was transcribed immediately after each interview. The transcribed material was analysed. The background information of the interviewed men was stored in a table and the question themes based on the research questions were divided into sub-themes, the results of which were written out. Results and conclusions: The results show that work has been a very central part of life for all the interviewed men. They all thought that the meaning of work has changed for them over the years. They all had decided to take a flexible retirement option by their own choice. The men felt that they had already done their share of work. The future seems positive for the men. Physical activity is an essential part of everyday life and it has become even more important after retirement. None of the interviewed men experiences loneliness in daily life. The family, spouse, children, grandchildren as well as friends and acquaintances make the greatest impact in their life. Generally speaking, the men are satisfied with their life. Health, livelihood, family and close friends, home and security are the most important parts of life.