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  • Raatikainen, Sanna (2018)
    Play is an important part of child`s development. In play children learn motoric, social, cognitive and imagination skills. Adult support is very important regarding children under 3 year old but in early childhood education, there is still confusion about how children should be supported and guided in play. There is a lot of variation how adults support play concerning children under 3-year old in early childhood education groups. This study is focused to search ways how play is supported concerning children under 3-year old. In this Bachelor`s thesis, I am examining play environment and how play is being guided and supported and in Finnish early childhood education groups concerning children under 3-year old. As a research method I am using literature review. My data consists of works of Kalliala (2008) and Mäntynen (1997). I analysed my data with content analysis. The results showed that play moments keep calm and will continue longer if the big group of children is divided to smaller groups, playtime is continuous and long enough, there are enough high quality toys, arrangement of playroom is made for small children and adults are sensitive for child`s initiatives and they are focused in play. Above mentioned conditions of play will also effect on the level and development of child`s play as well as on play moments to be pleasant for children. When there are lack of conditions and support in play, there is also more conflicts between children and play is more shortsighted. Sensitive guidance helps children to focus on play and develops their playing skills to higher level. In the future it will be important to increase educators´ knowledge on the effects of supporting play. It is also important to develop play pedagogy especially concerning under 3-year old children. Possibility to support children`s play in small groups is essential in everyday early childhood education.