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  • Raitanen, Essi (2016)
    In my reseach I represent, how is nearby environment been utilized of early childhood and pre-school education in various disciplines in teaching. My aim is also to get knowledge about what kind of places kindergarter teachers prefer in their own day care center nearby environment and what authors effect their moving in nearby environment. There were used qualitative reseach method in this reseach and material collection method were theme interview. Reseach material were collect from day care centers which are located in city of Helsinki. There were interviewed two kindergartes teachers and two preschool teachers in reseach. Pre-school teachers and kindergarten teachers told, that the weather doesn’t matter that they are however moving in nearby environment. They pay attention especially safety when they are moving in nearby environment. Three of four teachers mostly visited place in nearby environment were forest. Just one teacher mostly visited place was seashore, because there is not forest near the day care center. Teachers had difficulties to name science which they are using when they are teaching in nearby environment. I also found out in my reseach that pre-school teachers utilized nearby environment more than kindergarten teachers. Ofcourse it is easier with older kids and kids different needs. It was shown that also teachers work experience had an influence to nearby environments utilization. Day care center location seem to have influence on how different learning surroundigs were used. Expeditions to some places in nearby environment were restricted because of what they cost. Childrens parents were pleased that child were taken on trips from day care centers. Families different cultural backgrounds restricted some childrens church visits.