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  • Saarela, Janne (2019)
    The earlier studies have shown the Kiva Koulu –anti-bullying programme being efficient to reduce bullying at schools. Kiva Koulu –programme has studied quite a lot and it is quantitative research almost without exception. Kiva Koulu –the programme has effect widely in Finland and one has also been able to get a global interestingness. The core message of the Kiva koulu -programme is the fact that every one is responsible for the common welfare and every one can also affect it. In this the candidate's work I examine, Kiva Koulu –with help of the literature look which describes the effectiveness of the programme. I chose ten articles as a research material to answer a study question: What is Kiva Koulu like –effectiveness of the programme? I draw up the summaries of chosen articles and report the central results. Based on analysis Kiva Koulu –the programme proved to be efficient to reduce bullying. Kiva Koulu –the programme also increased the sosiokognitive skills of the pupils and the anti-bullying attitudes. Teachers have the important role as administrators of the Kiva Koulu -programme. The bullying is a multiform phenomenon and many points affect it. In the light of this study the Kiva Koulu –programme could be developed by increasing the follow-up system of bullying, the reporting and the social relations of community.