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  • Saarijärvi, Kia (2017)
    In this research I have introduced the theory of design-pedagogy and its suitability to be used as a teaching method. The aim of this research was to highlight the primary school teachers’ thoughts about design-pedagogy as a teaching method in primary school. The interest of this study lays specifically in the teachers own experience in design-pedagogy and how they understand their own role as a teacher when using this method. I also brought up some points that are in favour of design-pedagogy as a teaching method in primary school from the new curriculum that was published in the Autumn of 2016. My research material consisted of semi-structured the interviews from two teachers. The interviews were analysed using thematic approach of content analysis method. Both of the teachers had used design-pedagogy as a method in their classrooms multiple times. The teachers were also acquainted with the theory of the method. The material was collected in May 2016. I classified the material in three different categories. The categories were based on the research questions. Both teachers interviewed saw design-pedagogy as a positive and versatile teaching method. The teachers highlighted that the strength of the method lays specifically in the way it lets the students collaborate and get involved. The teachers described and experienced their own role in design-method diversely with multiple terms of classification. All together the teachers saw design-pedagogy as a way to develop students’ own self-determination and transversal competence. These are points that are brought several times in the new curriculum for Autumn 2016.