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  • Saarinen, Noora (2017)
    Many studies have shown that motivation is connected to learning and problems that occur with learning. Especially in the complex process of learning to read and write, motivation is an important factor. The goal of this study was to look into the relations between students’ goal orientations and problems with reading. In this study I examine what kind of goal orientations do students with reading problems have compared with students who have average skills in reading. The goal is to look for and explain prospective differences in goal orientations and the causes affecting them. The study used the method of systematic literature review. Through the review, eight studies were found as the research material. The studies discussed motivation from the viewpoint of goal orientations and dyslexia or the risk of having problems in reading. Based on the results of this study, it seems that there are connections between problems with reading and goal orientations. Students who had problems with reading were less task-oriented and more performance-oriented than other students. These students were less interested in learning new things and completing tasks, more socially dependent in learning situations and showed more task-avoidant behaviour. Most of the studies showed that motivation and reading problems formed a reciprocal relationship that caused a negative cycle for learning to students who had problems with reading. Students’ goal orientations also seemed to be quite stable during the school years. Motivation and goal orientations have a significant role in learning to read especially when a child faces challenges in learning. Based on the results of this study it is important to pay more attention to the development of students’ goal orientations already in the early years. More research should also be focused on how the teacher can affect students’ motivation in the classroom.