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  • Stenholm, Sophie (2017)
    Bilingual communication between children and pedagogues are subjects brought up in this thesis. In an multicultural pre-school environment, cultures, languages and behavioural differences are common issues. These themes are discussed. The importance of teachers support and tasks of being a language developer in kindergarten environment are also subjects included in this thesis. Different kinds of methods how adults can relate to children´s different language skills and in which ways they can be supported are subjects questioned. Methods used for this research work are qualitative analysis observation and interview. Results show that pedagogues support the development of children´s language in a professional way. In a multicultural environment, language is supported in creative ways every day. Each and one of the children is given the time and space needed to develop their communication skills. Adults should use different kinds of tools when communicating with children to make it easier for them to understand what is brought up in group situations.