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  • Stenvall, Kim (2018)
    Business Coaching has become increasingly common and many companies employ coaches to support their employees’ professional development. Coaching can be seen as a promising activity when it comes to supporting people in work life and helping them in dealing better with different situations at work. Alongside with coaching becoming more popular, the question of how effective coaching is, has emerged. The purpose of this thesis is to study the effect of coaching. In early research, coaching was considered a combination of activities and techniques borrowed from others. Recent research claims that the client has the answers and the coach's role is not socio-educational. Instead the coach guides the client to discoveries through, among others, forward-facing questions. This work is a literature review. A total of 20 articles were analysed, of which 16 articles were selected for the final analysis. In the 16 articles analysed evidence showing that coaching had an effect was found in 70 instances. In 37 of these 70 cases, the effect was related to the client, in 28 cases to the organization the client worked in and in five cases support was found that coaching influenced the bosses’ subordinates. These findings were classified in 16 effect groups based on the type of effect. The study found evidence that coaching has an effect on the individual who participate in coaching and the organization. The clearest effect was the individual's ability to reach set goals. Other areas were, for example, increased job satisfaction and self-awareness. The productivity of the organization may also increase due to coaching.