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  • Taipale, Nora (2019)
    Executive functions (EF) are skills, which are high-level cognitive functions and are needed to cope with changing situations. The aim of this study was to examine previous interventions that have been made to develop executive function skills for pupils on the spectrum of autism. The research was carried out as a systematic literature review. Five peer-reviewed interventions were selected to this study and they were published between 2013-2015. In this study I concentrate on what kind of previous executive function interventions have been done for children with autism, and in which divisions of executive functions they are directed to. In addition, I am interested in the practical methods that can be used by teachers in school context to support the development of executive function skills. The results of this study show that interventions in EF have a positive impact on the EF skills of children on the spectrum of autism. Especially the skills of planning, cognitive flexibility and behaviour showed positive effect. Interventions that were particularly suitable for teachers in school context were structured reading aloud and Unstuck and On Target executive function lessons.