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  • Taipalus, Marjo (2016)
    The purpose of this Bachelor’s Thesis was to depict loneliness experienced by university students who moved to the capital area in the beginning of their studies as diversely as possible. The research tries to achieve deeper understanding of the multidimensional phenomenon through eyes of the university students, who moved to the capital area. The research was implemented by collecting free-form essays or essays based on support questions from the university students, who moved to the capital area. Data were collected from members of the student organizations and nations of University of Helsinki and the student organizations of Aalto University. Data were procured both via e-mails and electronic forms. 36 responses were received, and 27 of those were included in this research. Limited data were analyzed with data based content analysis method. In the essays of the university students the clearest causes for loneliness were the exiguity of social relationships and external factors. Most writers described that loneliness experiences were related to scarce social contacts and the different culture of the new place. It can be concluded, that university students highlight multidimensionally different things of loneliness in the beginning of the studies, but the data show that the meaning of few social relationships is essential in the experience of loneliness. The impression of individualistic culture presented in social debate may complicate the help seeking because of the ideal of this culture. However, the data seems to suggest that most of the young adults moving to new places need specifically social support from their equals and intimates during the critical phase of their life in the beginning of studies.