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  • Takamäki, Salla (2019)
    This Bachelor’s Thesis focuses on attachment and self. This is a literature review aiming to build overall picture of the phenomenon chosen and is based on the literature of the subject. The research question is the following: How is the attachment and self and their connection studied and how the subject is presented in the studies and literature? According to the research material self can be understood everything that one experiences to belong to their persona. Crucial part of the self is also the social dimension which means how one sees themselves in relation to others by mirroring others behaviuor to own. Both attachment theory and study focuses on the interaction relationships between people. According to the attachmet theory ones inner working models become answers to the fundamental queastions. In the light of the studies providen, in a safe affectional bond child feels loved just the way they are and is capable to trust their parents whereas in an unsafe affectional bond this is not the case. According to the research there is a connection between self and attachment. Safe affectional bond between parent and a child is an idicator of strong self and its formation and also provides resources for the child to become their unique self. In an unsafe affectional bond child isn’t able to develop their emotional expression and it can reflect to their own self development