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  • Takkavuori, Veera (2018)
    The aim of the thesis was to describe what kind of educational trend the positive pedagogy is and how it is related to the self-esteem of a schoolchild. The underlying idea was that positive pedagogy could have an effect on the self-esteem of a primary school child. There is not much research data on positive pedagogy yet, but self-esteem has been studied much in the Finnish and foreign context for over a century. For instance, a student's self-esteem is supported by praise and feeling of acceptance. Positive pedagogy aims to support the child's self-esteem by strength-based approaches. The question of this research was how positive pedagogy does affect positively to schoolchild’s self-esteem. This thesis was carried out using descriptive literature review methods. The thesis explored positive pedagogy by familiarizing with the current works of positive pedagogy in Finnish. In addition, the thesis studied the concept of self-esteem by familiarizing both Finnish and international classical works and theories. Studies have not yet been conducted on the link between positive pedagogy and self-esteem, but the aim of the thesis was to find out the link through the researcher's own analysis. According to the results of the thesis, positive pedagogy seems to have a very positive connections with school child’s self-esteem. Positive pedagogy supports the self-esteem, especially through the strength training method. Positive pedagogy seems to support every building piece of good self-esteem and promote the positive perception of schoolchildren by themselves. As a further research topic, it would be interesting to study how classroom teachers in positive pedagogy support the self-esteem of their students and how important they feel to support self-esteem as part of a school context.