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  • Tallberg, Emma (2019)
    This study is based on the increasing cultural diversity that takes place in Finland and that puts a lot more pressure on the Finnish school system. The study is grounded on previous articles that have studied the effects of an integrated religious education when it comes to pupil’s understanding towards each other and the forming of their own identity. The aim with this study is to with an integrated review find out if and how an integrated religious education would be of a positive change for the pupils and the society, and how that education would be arranged to support everybody. The study is based on previous articles. These articles have been gathered via an integrated review, where a systematic review also takes place. The articles have had to be about the Finnish school system, with a few exceptions for examples taken of a Swedish and Canadian context. When analysing the articles, a content analysis has been used. The results show that an integrated religious education would support the equality amongst pupils, support the integration of immigrants in the school system as well as in the society and support the student’s identity development. This would also come to have a positive impact on the society because of the broad cultural understanding the students would have developed. As the common subject for the integrated religious education, this study concluded that ethics would be the main subject because of its neutral content.