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  • Uuksulainen, Anniina (2016)
    Stereotypical perceptions of girls and boys, can still be seen from teacher`s action. This is because teachers have different expectations to children, depending their gender. The environment and teachers are playing a key role, in how the child is thinking about their own gender. People should still be working forward gender equality, because the professions and compensation levels are still divided between women and men. This research surveys the perceptions of kindergartenteachers about gender-sensitivity in early childhood education. My aim was to research how the kindergartenteachers understand gernder-sensitive education, how they value it, and do they try to operate their pedagogy with gender sensitivy. This research is in pedagogy and feminist field. The material for this examination was gathered by themeinterwieving three preschool teachers in metropolitan area. The material was analysed with contentanalysis. The interview included two women- and one man kindergartenteacher. Two of them were been working as a kindergartenteacher for a long time, and one just under a year. The aim in this was to gather a versatile material. The material of this reseach showed that the kindergartenteachers don`t see that gender-sensitiv education is familiar to them. Beside thet all of them knew partially how to define it. They all also felt it to be significant in some way, but there were differencies in their answers. The teachers perceptions diverged in their own pedagogy, because only two of them admitted to be a gender-sensitive teachers. Despite this, all of them descriped to be gender-sensitive in some way. Because all of them felt that gender-sensitive education is not familiar to them, there should be more studies and advisory about the subject.