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  • Uuksulainen, Mikaela (2019)
    Aims. This qualitative thesis examines the rationalizing of meat consumption and the health and ecological problems associated with the use of meat as well as ethical views. Previous studies show that the constant growth of meat production and consumption causes problems for health and the environment. The aim of the study is to get an understanding of how meat consumption is seen, how it is justified and what factors would affect consumption. Methods. The material was collected by a group interview with four women and men aged 25–32 in the metropolitan area. The interview was recorded and transcribed. The material was analyzed in a material-oriented way. Results and conclusions. The most important arguments for meat consumption were taste, habit, ease, affordability and availability. Consumption was reduced over the past few years and it was seen as possible to further reduce it. Ecological, ethical and health issues were highlighted as the reasons for this reduction. Reductions would be facilitated and promoted by better quality vegetarian alternatives, good availability and external incentives. Discontinuation was also seen as possible in the future. It would seem that there is a desire to move to a more plant-oriented diet if it is supported by, for example, food producers and society. An example of support could be to change nutritional recommendations so that plant-based products would be raised alongside animal origin products.