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  • Uurtimo, Sanni (2016)
    Attitudes towards bilingual´s code-switching can be negative, however changing codes within the same conversation is quite common. The aim of this study is to research what factors lead bilinguals to use code-switching. This study was carried out as a literature review with the research subjects being bilingual. According to the previous literature it can be stated that many different reasons lead to and effect the usage of code-switching. These reasons might have something to do with memory or then the word needed isn`t known to the language user, hence code-switching may be required. Sometimes code-switching makes it possible to use a more meaningful expression. It has also been noted that context and interlocutor effect on code-switching. In a specific situation, the language user may have a will to reveal something about his identity or relationships. Due to this, the language user may decide to use code-switching to reveal intimacy or distance to the interlocutor. For example this could be used to reveal authority. It has also been suggested that emotions are connected to the usage of code-switching.