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  • Uusimäki, Katriina (2017)
    Slow fashion as a term is still stabilizing its place and its significance is not yet extensively in the consciousness of fashion consumers. In this research I figure out about what the values and meanings of the concept of slow fashion are in the literature, and on that basis I investigate how slow fashion and its values and meanings appears in the websites description texts of domestic textile and clothing industry companies, based on ecolocigal and sustainable values. For the exaination of the phenomenon I have formed three themes from the basis of the theoretical background: design, production and user’s perspective. The material consisted about description texts of nine textile and clothing industry companies. The texts summarize the company and its values, and they were most commonly found on the web pages under "us" or "about us" tabs. I used content analysis to analyze the material and thematised it. First, I organized the expressions found in the material based on the three themes I formed on the basis of the theoretical background. After that I made own thematising frame to all these three theme. I built a whole new outline based on the contens of the material. In every texts about material were appeared expressons for all the three themes; design, production and user’s perpective. The themes were mixed together yet the contents of the phenomenon unchanged. There was formed three new themes about slow fashion in description texts of textile and clothing industry companies: responsibility in production, appreciation of local resources and resource saving. The values and meanings of slow fashion in the description texts correspond contentually to the literary image of the phenomenon, but the emphasis of content in these two different contexts is different.